Whitelight Images Photography and Illustration prides itself on excellent creative work, outstanding customer services and clear communications.  We work with budgets, time constraints and changing/challenging environments.


Simply put, Laurie is the best photographer in real estate.  Her photographs of my listings are my ace in the hole, helping me and my clients sell homes for top-market-dollar and in less time than industry standard.  Frankly I don’t know what Laurie does different than the other professional photographers out there, but there IS a difference, and I thank my lucky stars everyday I found her!  

-Jeremy Johnson Re/Max Alliance

"Thanks much, Laurie!  They were wonderful, as usual.  And my clients loved you!  (as usual)"  -Mary Ann Michels, Realtor The Group Fort Collins

"Just got the link and looking at them now.  Only saw about three so far…but oh my…..I am all teary already."

"I am nearly speechless ... these pictures are utterly amazing. I mean, wow. Thank you so much Laurie!!"

"Your photos bring so much of a child's story to light.  You are an artist in the finest sense of the word"



As a home builder, our industry is visual. A beautiful photograph of a home is an opportunity to evoke emotion within and inspire creativity for the client. At Landmark Homes, we use photography throughout the home-building  process to communicate with our clients and trade partners. We take pride in Laurie’s photography, she has a way of capturing a room with her lens that enhances color and doesn’t distort the space. We used to use her sporadically, to shoot a few homes here and there. After building a small portfolio with her, we are clear of the value her photos have added to our process, and now have her shoot every home we build. Laurie is easy to work with, extremely professional and delivers photos promptly. We recommend her often to clients, friends and peers. 

Michelle Marison

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Landmark Homes



In today’s online world, quality photographs of a home are paramount when listing a property for sale.  Potential homebuyers first and foremost turn to the Internet to find available properties in a selected area.  And before the property’s statistical data is analyzed, before the listing agent’s endorsements about the property are read, time and time again buyers first look through the property’s photographs to determine if the home evokes the emotional connection each real buyer is searching for.  After all, buyers aren’t just searching online for a product or service….they’re searching for the next place to call home.  


As a real estate agent, I understand the value and importance in which quality photography has on my success listing/selling my clients’ homes for top-market-dollar and in a timely manner.  It took me six years in the business to find “my photographer”, Laurie White.  Six years of habitually looking through the day’s new listings, scrutinizing each of my competitors’ skill/effort (sometimes lack their of) to showcase the property.  After six years of daily analysis, I began to notice one specific Realtor who’s photography was head and shoulders above the other professional photographers’ images in which many of my more enlightened colleagues employ (forget the smartphone snapshots with the family pet peeking around the corner).  Fortunately for me and my clients, the Realtor was happy to share Laurie’s contact info with me and immediately gave a her the highest endorsement possible.  


Now, five years later, I’m proud to continue to offer the industry’s best photographer to my valued clients.  Time and time again, when I have the pleasure to show my seller how their home’s photos turned out and how their home will be showcased to the marketplace, they are constantly blown away to see how beautiful their home really is….almost makes them not want to move!

Jeremy Johnson